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Quandary2018 Mon 18-Feb-19 21:30:53

I’ve posted this in lone parents too

I found out today that my appointed family court adviser has quit and actually left CAFCASS at the end of last month. No one New has been appointed to our case yet.
This case has been ongoing since September 2017 and is hopefully nearing its close. CAFCASS have to write a report in May for our next hearing based on a report from an organisation called core assets who are going to work with my ex and the dc at reintroducing him to them- he’s had no direct contact since he assaulted me in front of them.
So, it now seems, in all likelihood, that the person who writes our final report is going to be someone who has never met the kids and who only knows our history based on notes in our file.
I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if there’s anything I can do but it doesn’t feel right that my kids future will be determined by someone with no first hand experience of the case
Has anyone had this happen before? Andy advice? Thanks

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