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geraldineclarke Wed 13-Feb-19 20:41:30

Hi, I need help in filling in my judicial separation forms. I have everything else filled in but the Indorsement of Claim. It is part of my final form, with two parts to fill in: IOC and "the applicant claims..."

I understand that I need to fill in what I want from the separation, but I am stuck in the writing process. Basically, I want an equitable division of assets (NOT EQUAL, as I am taking sole care and custody of the children afterwards and have been putting more into the house, maintenance of children for many years now)

But my Q is... how do I phrase this? How brief does it need to be? Could anyone please provide examples of how to fill it in? Or any links to formats online?

Thanks so much

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NotBeingRobbed Thu 14-Feb-19 09:01:35

I don’t know about Irish law but equitable seems impossible in England. The law goes for equal, which as you rightly point out is not equitable.

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