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Consent Order and absolute timeframe at Bury St Edmunds

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silverkitten Sat 02-Feb-19 12:33:11

Hello all, it's been a very long slog but we have almost agreed the finances. Does anyone know how long it is taking BSE to sign off the consent order and the decree absolute? Grateful for any recent experience please! Many thanks

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silverkitten Sat 02-Feb-19 15:28:41

I am answering my own post (!) as I have found this information and I hope this well help others going through BSE for their divorces.
Send a blank email to this address and it gives you a breakdown of where the court is with what:

Hope this helps!

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tisonlymeagain Mon 04-Feb-19 09:00:52

Yeah, it's helpful when they do that but West Midlands haven't updated since August. Absolute was processed the day it was received, but consent order was submitted early November and not heard a word since.

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