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Small financial division - short marriage/no children

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Suki00000 Thu 31-Jan-19 15:49:15

We had been married for 2 years without children.
However, I have a child from the previous marriage and my husband has 4 children from previous 3 relationships.

He was the sweetest man and was very crafted to explain how he was tricked and got 3 women pregnant. i even felt so bad for him because he sounded all he wanted was to have a family with the one.
He had never been married and kept telling me that he finally found the one, that is me and I believed it even though him having 4 children with 3 different women concerned me.
He was a good father to older 2 children (same mum) and my daughter, I cannot ask for more. But he doesn't see younger 2 children although he pays.

Since we got married, he had been absolute nightmare and I took a respectable job in the states to have some space. So we have never really lived together but we had seen each other every month.

I know given the short marriage, the saving that had been accumulated is small. I quit the job right after we got married to live with him but as it was terrible, I had to find a new job with less benefit.
He had visited me in the states every month and I know he had tried but given the physiological abuse and loss of opportunity of my career, I feel at least his saving that he saved since we got married should be shared. He is very wealthy.

Here, we will fight over small amount of 20-30k but it is huge for me.
I have called several solicitors but given the small amount and the gain will eat up solicitor cost, they didn't take my case.

What is other option I should seek?
Thank you very much for your advice.

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