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First solicitor call

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Moneymachine Sat 19-Jan-19 21:56:01

I am not sure where to start with this.

So far I think I need to explain to them
-extent of financial abuse and DH debt
-equity status
-pension CETV

And prep questions for
-consent order - what I need to consider / how to write to protect myself
-options if we agree on sale of property and if we don’t (ex wants to tie me into the house for few years)

I found quite informative but could any of you share what you discussed at first (hoping for 30mins free) solicitor call? It would help greatly as none of friends divorced so can’t ask them

I am still confused about the process - should I simply file for divorce first and then start to draft financial (consent order), kids and property proposals to go through with my ex..?

I am hoping to try to agree and maybe use mediation but not solicitors as much (just for formal court papers)

I would appreciate if some of you could share your experience?

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