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Anyone ever rekindled after separation

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Recentlysingle Tue 08-Jan-19 11:30:23

I have been with my husband 9 year he asked me to marry him 2 month after meeting, I've always suffered mental health issues and I couldnt express how I felt so I bottled everything up and when it all came out I said horrible stuff your not the kids dad, wish you would crash the car, your a fat mess, me and the kids will be better off without u, anything you can think of am now getting help, I didn't mean it at all i love him so much, 5 Yr ago a new neighbour moved in and she was always struggling not good at money handling and had a young daughter I helped her out as much as I could with money and household items he approved at first but then he kept saying no as he knew she was taking me for granted but I still done it but am 2 soft hearted, we have 2 kids together, 3 Yr ago my neighbour started making me paranoid when my partner went out with his mates saying he will find someone better I don't deserve him etc, I carried on listening to her as I had no other friends, we got married in July last year, everything was great for a month then she started again but saying more hurtful things to me, he eventually up and left, I have messaged him all the time since he left in October, he apparently likes doing stuff with me and the kids, he helped put the tree up, invited is to his parents for Xmas Dinner and boxing day, he still has most of his stuff here, I keep saying when r u coming for it if u don't want to make it work, then saying I don't want u to take your stuff as I feel we can work this out, and he hasn't he still has his mail sent to mine as well sorry for the long message please no harsh comments I already feel like a failure

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fuddle Wed 23-Jan-19 19:08:04

Perhaps go for counselling and work out why you said those things, mental heath issues or not. Start making little changes and think about what you want and also the fact he nay not come back. Stop asking him to come back and get strong. He nay not want to face up to the fact he isn't coming back. You need to change, you can't say the things you said without repercussions however its time to move on. It will help with future relationships if nothing else.I'm sure you feel awful about it but you now have to think about things in a practical level.

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