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Can my STBXH halt the process of Decree Nisi?

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lovealab Fri 04-Jan-19 09:04:57

Good Morning,

I petitioned my Husband for divorce which he received on October 4th, he didn't return the acknowledgement of service....he was then personally served the petition on 27th Nov....again, ignored!

Fast forward, my application for Decree Nisi has been approved on 21st December & is waiting to be pronounced, no date given yet...

Husband has since emailed (12th Dec) to say he is seeking legal advice on how to complete AOS & I'm assuming he is looking to contest the Petition (god only knows why! hmm )

So my question is, is it too late for him to lodge his AOS with an aim to contest the divorce, bearing in mind that he should've sent this in to the Court by Dec 4th & has yet to do so, and if he was to contest it, his "Answer" should have been received by 27th Dec & the Judge having already approved DN?

Thank you for any views smile

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