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How to get disclosure of partners income

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Sandyanny Wed 02-Jan-19 20:34:52

I wonder if someone can help me.... I’m going through a divorce with my husband. I’ve supported him through his MBA and trying to start multiple businesses, had 2 kids and moved country for him. He's always been in charge of finances. We’re now back in the uk and after spending my inheritance on his/our attempted businesses he’s cut me loose, found a new gf and refuses to provide full disclosure of accounts to my solicitors. He’s an accountant and mba qualified and it’s pretty evident he has savings and is earning big money but claims he isn’t. My solicitor thinks it will cost 20k to take him to court to disclose this and I have no savings to even go that far. Has anyone else been trough this? Can someone please advise me on what is possible and what isn’t? I’m at my wits end and to make things worse I have to rely on his parents to help with the kids as I’m working full time in London to try and pay bills.
Many thanks. Any help would be great

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