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How do you know when you're really done

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colourfuls Sun 30-Dec-18 17:34:32

How do you know when you're fully done not just saying you are to yourself

Like you don't stalk their social media's or hope they text.

Been through a lot and he's not a good partner or parent but when you still love someone and hope everyday that they will change.

I finally said I'd break it off because he's been going out drinking with his ex and a girl he "shared a bed with". I'm done being angry and just miss when it was good.

I know I need to man up and I do see him for what he is, I just always want him to change and be a good parent and partner.

How do you know you're fully done with someone?

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Dodreamscometrue Mon 31-Dec-18 14:48:55

Hi, I kinda know what you mean. My husband and I separated a couple of months ago and I missed him for a few days! But then I realized that he will never change, I tried for 10 years.
It was when he told be that he was going on a date, and I really didn't care that I knew we were done!
Hope you will be ok x

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