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Ex listed property as sole ownership with estate agents

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Linda1818 Sat 15-Dec-18 18:42:28


Looking for advice. My ex (not yet divorced going through the process) has listed the house for sale with local agent which I had agreed verbally to (I want to sell the house). He gave me a copy of the contract with them probably about 5 months ago which I have only just looked at (it's been a really stressful time). At the time he told me the agents told him I didn't need to sign the paperwork. Anyway after being treated as a 2nd class citizen by the agents I have looked at the paperwork and have now seen my ex has listed himself as having sole ownership of the property when on the title deeds we are joint owners.

I moved out of the property months back so haven't been as involved with the agents.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Also does anyone know when the Estate agents will get solicitor details? I am truly concerned my ex is trying to diddle me now whereas before I had naively trusted him.

I have emailed the agents informing them that the contract is legally and factually incorrect and that it needs to be updated urgently.



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Itis6oclocksomewhere Sat 15-Dec-18 18:58:38

Somebody who has a better legal knowledge of this area will be along soon to give you a better answer, but we experienced something like this as the buyers.

We were buying a property and the seller was a divorced lady who had moved away with her new partner.
Anyway, the conveyancing process was underway and I popped into see our solicitor to drop off some paperwork and pick up the title information, property information and fixtures and fittings forms. I started to look at the forms with the solicitor and we both spotted another ladies name on the title information at the same time, but only the seller I knew of had signed the other forms.
My solicitor then phoned her solicitor and asked who was the other person on the title info and I phoned the estate agent to find out what they knew.
Her solicitor and estate agent said they knew nothing of the other person and that kicked off some phone calls to the seller trying to find out what was going on.
The sale was paused whilst we found who the other person was and her ID was verified by the sellers solicitor and the estate agent. There were some other due diligence checks done to make sure there was no fraudulent activity taking place.
In case you're interested, the other person was her guarantor on her mortgage. The seller had to take a second mortgage on the house when she divorced and the other person had to be named on the title.
Well done for getting this far, but I would think that you need to be named and your ex can't be known as the sole owner.

seventhgonickname Mon 17-Dec-18 12:22:35

You don't need to sign paperwork with estate agents but you need to go in personally and have your details address,get yourself added to their contact list.Check with your husband which solicitors will be acting for the house sale,go to see them,make sure they are aware that it is joint sale take I'd(photo I'd and a bill).There will be forms to sign,check for money laundering and again you need to be on their contact list.
There is a bit on these forms that asks for how the house proceeds are to be slit and both your bank details.Ex forged my sinithre on these bits and went ballistic when I gave the solicitor a copy of the consent order stating 50:50 split.He hasn't forgiven me for spotting that last bit of deceit on his part.
Don't just go on emails seeing estate agents in person is better.Good luck.

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