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Anyone else’s ex always criticising?

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Nj1208 Fri 07-Dec-18 20:25:59


My stbxh is constantly critiicising me and I feel like he is always prying into mine and my daughter’s life.

He currently has our daughter for overnight stays twice per week (every Saturday night and Tuesday night) and I go out of my way to try to help him.

But he still treats my daughter (5) as if she is a baby and i feel as if he is constantly putting me down.

To give a bit of background information, me and my daughter have always been incredibly close, I lost my mum when I was young so I haven’t had a lot of help with childcare. When me and ex were together, he always wanted to go out as a couple and even suggested we asked his parents to babysit at least once a month so that we could go out together on date nights. I didn’t like this idea.

Now, when me and my partner go out and ask partners parents to babysit (who absolutely adore my daughter by the way), my ex says I have changed etc. Today, on the phone to him, my daughter laughed and said her “naughty elf was drunk” because he had a bottle of champagne in his hand on my partners birthday and my ex wants to know how she knows what drunk means (she doesn’t.) I feel constantly anxious that he is critical of my parenting even though he always said I was an “amazing” mother when we were together. Without sounding vain, I am a great mother. My daughter is my universe - she is simply not the baby he treats her like (if anything, I still treat her younger than my friends with children of similar ages)

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else’s ex’s are the same?


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