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Want to change contact but unsure

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MrsKrampus Tue 04-Dec-18 12:42:10

I have been separated from my ex for three years. Our children are 3.5 and 8. During our relationship he was physically and emotionally abusive but once we separated we did try and keep it amicable and my hope was he would work on himself and we'd get back together some day.

However I met someone else who I'm very happy with and has helped me to see that even once separated my ex was extremely manipulative and abusive still. For example he'd threaten to have nothing to do with the kids if I wasn't going to be his friend. Anyway this all came to a head over the summer when I discovered he'd lied to me about multiple things and I'd be taken for a complete mug. Since then, all contact is via my family and I have to say I am so much happier. No more phone calls about how stupid I am for not remembering his "triggers", no more being blamed for everything that goes wrong in his life.

So to the point, for the whole of our separation the arrangement has been he has the kids for tea on a Wednesday and to sleep every Saturday night through to Sunday evening.

I would like to change this to every other weekend because I hate not having a weekend with my children. I know he won't be happy about this so I'm prepared to compromise to him having them three Saturdays and me having them one. But would this be unreasonable?

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