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Prohibited Steps Order -HELP

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MummyCorp Sun 25-Nov-18 00:54:48

Dear Mums,

Yesterday I was served a prohibited steps order.
The background: My daughters father and I separated Dec 2016. My daughters father does not contribute towards her and he sees her roughly 4-6 weeks whereby, he doesn't even have our daughter in his own home but after I have driven her 2 hours to a location near him (he moved 2 hours away) she is taken a further 4 hours down to devon for 2-3 days contact. I supplement the contact by having to drive 2 hrs there and back with no contribution towards fuel.

Currently: I was made redundant from my job Oct this year and have picked up some temporary self employed work. I have been offered (verbally only) a full time job in Ireland (republic). My recent job (s) have involved much travel and me and my daughter being up 6am sometimes 5am for me to make it to my works destination, and often not being home till late. The job in Ireland would be 9-5 with routine and more time spent together. In addition, a relocation package was offered along with a generous salary. This was verbal and nothing set in stone.

Approached the father: So I asked the Father if it would be possible to take Lara with me and grasp this opportunity for us both. I have no family help currently and Lara (daughter) is always with a childminder at a large cost so moving to Ireland would not mean I would loose out on family help - I would gain on less travel time, I would gain on money and ultimately me and my daughter would have more time together, a better education with small class sizes and more income together.

He declined consent and I left it to see what may come of the next few months.

Since then he has over reacted and I have had a hefty document saying I am not doing things in my daughters best interests and that i am obstructing contact, he has instructed a PSO as he fears I will take her immediately. Now I had to decline the last visit as I lost my job and no longer had a company car. The car I had was 15years old and kept breaking down and not suitable for the 2 hour journey.

I'm furious at the allegations and this is an effort to control me and not to see his daughter. Infact my daughters father has often said he never wanted her and feels she is a burden and now all of a sudden there are court orders against me as a claim its not in her best interests to consider moving. I am furious. More so I cannot afford associated solicitors costs.

What do I need to do - I've got to show up in court 19/01/19 and am just flummoxed by the whole affair

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Drawtheline14 Sun 25-Nov-18 07:16:15

You don’t need a solicitor, just explain to the judge your reasons for going as you have hear. Explain to them the typical contact between him and your daughter and then suggest an appropriate way to continue this contact. If you do all this then they are unlikely to stop you. How old is your daughter? Cause if she is old enough to back up how often she sees her dad that might be helpful.

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