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Advice on the order to do things?

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Tgilaura Sat 24-Nov-18 22:00:05

Hi all,

I separated from my husband about 8 weeks ago and am currently living elsewhere.
He has agreed that we will divorce, but the question I have is can I, (or should I?) start the divorce process at the same time we are deciding what we will do with the marital home? (He wants to buy me out) is there any disadvantage to doing things this way? If the divorce came through before the house was sorted would that cause additional issues?

I am concerned because the divorce would be on grounds of unreasonable behaviour and from what I ve read there is a 6 month time constraint on the behaviour you can include, is that correct?

Very grateful for any advice offered, or people’s experiences.

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Itsnotme123 Sun 25-Nov-18 07:19:31

Hi Laura, I’m in a similar situation. It’s best to meet with your OH to discuss who will petition. And then start the divorce proceedings. You can get the solicitors to get OH to sign an agreement that the financial settlement will be agreed and sorted before the Absolute is put in place. I’m not sure what happens when it’s Unreasonable Behaviour, perhaps someone will throw light on that one.

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