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Share your CMS woes

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themuminator Fri 16-Nov-18 12:38:09

Just wanted to hear your CMS woes if you have them.

I had a tribunal last year for CMS failure in calculating bonuses and the 25% rule for using current salary. Still haven't received about £1500 due from that.

I'll probably have to have a tribunal every year to get things straight.

You can never speak to anyone who knows anything... asking for a call back results in ... NOTHING.

I get payments weekly - but more often than not they are as late as he can just to inconvenience me.

Now I'm chasing up a change to service type to collect and pay - from not paying the right amount in May this year.

I often cry every time I call them because it feels like banging my head against a wall.

The only weapon I have is to keep my silence and never mention it to him. I don't want him to receive satisfaction from my pain.

I just keep playing the CMS game and hoping that it will eventually get sorted.

Please share your woes and have my sympathy.

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eve34 Fri 16-Nov-18 18:47:05

Sorry to hear your frustrations.

Just beginning this path. As ex stopped paying child support in September. But had money for holidays.

Currently disputing amount he has to pay. As they only took his mod medical pension into account of income. When he had a salary of £45k on top.

Now having to chase for none payment. As he was on pay and collect agreement from mid October. Guess what no money.

So am waiting for them to agree direct pay. I'm praying it goes through ok In the 6/8 weeks they said.

Why any parent decides not to support their child I do not know.

MissedTheBoatAgain Mon 19-Nov-18 04:45:52

I am the paying parent for Child Maintenance. Made my application about a year ago. Took weeks to get it sorted. Every time I called I spoke to a different person and received a different version of what was meant to happen.

CMS first assessment was £7.65/week! Obviously they had made a mistake, but I was advised not to pay anymore as it was up to Ex Wife to challenge or apply for a Variation. 6 months later they make a second assessment of £142/week. 3 months later another assessment of £168/week.

All these assessments are based on what I earned in 2016!. Earnings have changed significantly since then. I keep reminding them that they are looking at out of date information, but I think they are stalling as annual review is January 2019. So let's see what happens then?

Why any parent decides not to support their child I do not know

Me neither. Parents are responsible for their children whether married or not.

GrandTheftWalrus Tue 20-Nov-18 22:44:23

They based my DP cms on him earning 186 a week. He's not earned that since 2016. His wages have significantly dropped so he ended up in arrears and are now taking 30% of his wages.

He keeps telling them he can't afford it but they haven't done a recalculation because of the arrears.

He is willing to pay that's never been an issue but one week they left him with a payment of 10 from 40.

He is working more and more to pay but it seems like a vicious circle. I now help him out with paying.

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