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Can you share your experience of a consent order being refused please

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MissedTheBoatAgain Thu 15-Nov-18 00:00:19


If you are certain the Consent Order will be rejected then it sounds like an admission that you have short changed yourself? If Judge thinks that proposed Consent Order is unfair then they are not obliged to approve.

Possible that the information provided is not sufficient for the Judge to be able to assess if fair or not. In which case you may be directed to provide further details.

I can see how someone would be happy to walk away with nothing just to end it quick. However, as times passes they may well start to wish they had not been so hasty. Divorce is a life changing event. So makes senses to ensure it is fair to both before it is closed out.

Good luck.

Flower64 Wed 14-Nov-18 22:07:52

It might not be outright rejected. During my first divorce (unfortunately I didn’t learn and am now divorcing again) we reached an agreement and because I wasn’t represented the judge called a short hearing to ensure I understood what I’d agreed to and he then approved the order. Admittedly I wasn’t going empty handed but I was agreeing to keep a house with negative equity and then a clean break.

GemmaFoster Wed 14-Nov-18 19:23:23

If it gets refused you will generally be sent a letter asking for further clarification or information on why it is weighted to one individual. You will have to reply & it will go back to the judge for further consideration.

BettyBo33 Wed 14-Nov-18 18:33:04

Watching with interest OP..

Doneinnow Sun 11-Nov-18 19:34:57

Hi all,

First time posting here.

I just wondered if you could share your experiences of a consent order being declined by a judge please. I am pretty sure mine will be as I am walking away with nothing, and do not have a solicitor (cannot afford one!)

I'm happy to walk away with nothing as I just want out and I feel that if I ask for anything, it will become a long, expensive battle that I have to pay half of. I've had no financial support from him since I left, and although I do struggle financially, I am managing.

I just wondered what to expect if I sign this financial order and send it off, and it is rejected.

Thanks in advance

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