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Help fast please

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chokkamocha Fri 09-Nov-18 14:29:00

My partner is throwing me out. He’s just told me to leave. The house is his, I gave up my council house to live with him. My sons live here too, they are 17 & 18

Where do I go for help.. I’m homeless!

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RhubarbandGin Fri 09-Nov-18 14:32:02

I am so sorry for your situation. I am not sure I can offer the best advice, but I am sure someone will soon.

All I can think is that you can try the local Council, Women's Aid or do you have a friend you can stay with for a couple of days?

chokkamocha Fri 09-Nov-18 14:32:26

And do I just leave today, we run a self employed business together from home. I’ve not had wages as it’s all gone towards living costs and the mortgage through our business account.. what a mess

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SheRaTheAllPowerful Fri 09-Nov-18 14:34:07

I would speak to a solicitor/Shelter/women’s aid. I wouldn’t leave straight away at all. Assume you aren’t married?

Ginger1982 Fri 09-Nov-18 14:36:22

You need to get legal advice fast as you have no automatic occupancy rights being unmarried. Do you have someone you could stay with? How long have you been together? Are the kids his too? Why is he throwing you out?

beenandgoneandbackagain Fri 09-Nov-18 14:36:57

Try and photocopy or photograph as much financial information as you can. If needs be tell him that you need a couple of hours to pack and would be grateful to be left alone and prioritise that, along with grabbing your passports, bank details etc. Try and put a stop on any bank accounts.

I'm so sorry you are going through this - I have no other advice. I hope you have a RL friend who can support you.

Do you have your name on the house or is it entirely in his name?

chokkamocha Fri 09-Nov-18 15:06:29

We aren’t married.
Been together 3 years
I’m not on the house mortgage details (what an idiot)
I’m not sure why he’s throwing us out, other than we argued about how much money my son should pay from his jsa for keep.

They are my sons not his

Plus I’m currently coping with Alzheimer’s father in law and my mum has cancer, she’s 84 and I feel like my head is going to explode

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chokkamocha Fri 09-Nov-18 15:23:18

also how do I stop getting email alerts from mumsnet.. he might see them

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