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Legal separation

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CryptoFascist Tue 06-Nov-18 06:43:14

My H has left me after a few weeks of marriage. While I'm in shock, there's no way of going back and I'd like to divorce him asap but have to wait until one year of marriage as you know. Is there any advantage to me applying for legal separation in the interim? All advice appreciated.

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Ss770640 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:13:23

A few weeks!? That's just shitty.

Document everything. Finances. Etc

Come to an agreement with childcare.

The more you agree yourselves the better and cheaper. Enlist a friend to create a list of actions and follow them through.

Chat to relate if you need to about your mental health.

If it all goes sideways you can provide documents about who paid what.

CryptoFascist Thu 08-Nov-18 20:23:36

Thank you for the advice. No children together and he moved into my house that I rent.
I think it should be simple enough but this is unknown territory

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Ss770640 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:18:41

If your renting with no children the divorce would be very simple and straight forward.

It's literally a micro marriage so you'd have no combined equity built up.

Regardless print off documents proving who paid what. Bank statements etc.

Ourmaud Thu 08-Nov-18 21:55:25

Do you have any grounds for an annulment?May be cleaner and faster than divorce.

MarieG10 Fri 09-Nov-18 10:15:38

Make sure though that you still get a clean break settlement and consent order otherwise he might come back to haunt you in years to come asking for money

Singlenotsingle Fri 09-Nov-18 10:20:21

No real advantage in going for a judicial separation. You're separated in fact, it would just be extra cost. The divorce itself should be straightforward - no children and no property to argue over.

Ss770640 Sat 17-Nov-18 18:48:27

Just make sure you can document the end of the relationship.

Either by email to him. Or his new lease. Etc.

Document the date the relationship ended.

This is important to do. So he can't claim your still married and entitled to your post break up earnings.

If you want just ask a solicitor to send out a letter.

I emailed mine myself.

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