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What age do you start overnight contact?

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Sparrowlegs248 Sun 04-Nov-18 22:27:11

Separated a year. 2 children. ExH takes them every Sunday. Also comes round twice a week after work to see them and put to bed with me once and on his own once while I leave the house.

Youngest isn't yet 2, still bf overnight with 2 or 3 wake ups a night.

Dc1 used to sleep over at PIL once a week but this hasn't happened for 8 months. No real reason behind it.

I'm finding the full day every weekend ok on one hand (I get a few hours off) but on the other hand, EOW would be nice so I get a lay in on his weekends, and I get more flexibility on my weekends for outings etc.

I'm not really keen for dc2 to sleepover until he's sleeping through and not bf.

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Marlboroandmalbec34 Mon 05-Nov-18 14:23:15

My ex took me to court over this recently. My baby (bf) now has to start overnight from Xmas at 16 months. He has never put her to bed, never bathed her and never shown much interest. I am gutted - trying to wean her so it’s not too awful but she won’t sleep with been bf

Marlboroandmalbec34 Mon 05-Nov-18 14:24:26

Sorry I mean she still bf to sleep and won’t settle on a night without breastfeeding

CommonFishDiseases Mon 05-Nov-18 14:30:49

I think the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers can advise on this with specific reference to maintaining the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child. Some info on their website I think, sorry I haven't got time to check right now xxx

Drawtheline14 Mon 05-Nov-18 19:11:19

My ex had my older two (2&1) overnight a couple of months after we separated, my daughter was 16 months at the time (not bf though), we’ve agreed that he’ll have our youngest at 3/4 overnight as she hasn’t had any overnight contact with him as we separated when I was still pregnant. It’s also because he is living in a two bed house and the other two are already sharing a box room so there is literally no room for her so could be later if he doesn’t move. This is mutually agreed between us though and not caught. My solicitor said in court it is usually 18 months, however someone I know daughter is 3 and overnight contact wasn’t granted.

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