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Tessa79 Sun 04-Nov-18 00:18:50


I am looking for some feedback from anyone who has attended a SPIP course. Wondering if financial issues are covered on the course? My ex stopped paying maintenance for months and now he is paying a pathetic amount by anyone's standards! He has set up a Ltd company and is paying himself a miniscule wage to get away with not paying what he should which has caused me great financial hardship. After 8 months the CMS still haven't processed my application because he's giving them the run around.

I'm wondering if financial conflict is discussed on the SPIP? My ex is very clearly using money as a weapon to exert control and cause problems for me. He has to attend the course as do I. I'm hoping he may start to see that what he is doing is wrong if this area is covered. Can anyone tell me if it is discussed?

If my ex paid a reasonable amount towards our son I would have no issue with him and there would be no conflict. I'm hoping the course will be an eye opener for him. I live in hope that he will see the error of his ways and start financially supporting our son which he is legally and morally obliged to do!

Anyone's advice or feedback would be very welcome!

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Blossom5 Sun 04-Nov-18 12:03:42

Hi I had to go one one it was a bit like I imagine a drunk driving course. Videos of crying children as the parents argue. There are no practical issues covered. My ex hasnt paid csa for 6 months tbey seem to have to the attachment of earnings and may expect some money soon! I hoped the course would be an eye opener but it hasnt altered his bad behaviour. It wasn't partucularly useful I have to be honest.... x

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