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icouldbewrongicouldberight Thu 25-Oct-18 19:21:38

Can someone explain to me why form A in mediation has an expiry date? What does this mean?

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MrsBertBibby Thu 25-Oct-18 21:21:41

If you don't issue before expiry, you have to do another MIAM.

icouldbewrongicouldberight Thu 25-Oct-18 22:01:24

Issue what to who and when does it run from? Does the fact that I understand none of this mean my mediator is shit?

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MrsBertBibby Thu 25-Oct-18 23:44:29

If you did not settle financial issues at mediation, and therefore want the Court to deal with those issues, you must issue form A in the court dealing with the divorce.

If the mediator signature on your form A is more than 4 months old when you issue, you are supposed to go back to try mediation again.

icouldbewrongicouldberight Fri 26-Oct-18 01:01:18

Jesus. FFS. So if we do go back before the four months is up does the date get modified and the 4 month countdown start again?

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MrsBertBibby Fri 26-Oct-18 08:41:39

The mediator would usually only sign the form A when mediation breaks down or is deemed unsuitable. If you do go back then I would expect them to do another if appropriate.

icouldbewrongicouldberight Sat 27-Oct-18 09:37:19

We have had one joint session and then a big gap. Mediator has advised us that the form ‘runs out in two months’ and is sending us both a copy in case we want to go to court. I want to carry on with mediation.

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