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She fell out of love

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jazaya Sat 20-Oct-18 22:32:59

To cut it short my wife left me in March and decided she is out of love but I am trying to fix it but says the marriage is not for her and know discover secrets she blamed me for the failure but I think it was her help need to talk....?

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MyYoniFromHull Sun 21-Oct-18 00:09:05

If she says it's over for her you need to respect it I'm afraid. You can't make her love you.

jazaya Sun 21-Oct-18 00:18:50

We were together 10 years and she just decided she had enough as we were having issues and it always got heated and in arguments but we have 3 kids she left in March said wanted a separation and know says marriage is not for her but feel my kids will be messed up.. how can I bring a spark back and make her love me again

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Ilovebolly Sun 21-Oct-18 07:28:22

I’m sorry but you just can’t “make” her love you again. If she’s sure the marriage is over then you just have to accept that and moving forward try to have a good working relationship with her to co-parent your children successfully. Kids don’t have to be messed up by divorce if you handle it with dignity and put them at the centre of your thoughts and actions.

jazaya Sun 21-Oct-18 13:33:47

I can except that but she has secrets that I discovered when she separated so what do I do about that and she said the marriage is not for her after 10 years 3 kids is she not selfish

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Ilovebolly Sun 21-Oct-18 15:48:27

I’m not sure how or why the secrets impact on your separation, it’s difficult to comment without knowing what they are and you may not wish to divulge that on here. If they impact on your wife’s ability to parent your children then that needs to be addressed. But otherwise I’m not sure that it will make any difference to the outcome of your situation.

Alpacanorange Sun 21-Oct-18 19:51:44

No she is not selfish, thankfully woman are not forced to stay in an unhappy marriage. Knowing all the ins and outs will not answer all your questions it will simply reveal more. Leave it and concentrate on what is best for the children.

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