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Proactive Family Solicitor?

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parklives Wed 17-Oct-18 17:48:26

I have a solicitor handling my divorce (financial bit only so far), but she hasn't told me lots of things I would have found useful (I've found them out myself) and she seems to want to give a lot of concessions to my stbexh with no good reason. She seems more on his side?
I'm not the least angry with him, but I've been at war with him within our marriage for many a year, he's a massive gaslighter, and he has proven to me many times that he is, and was constantly trying to screw me financially, before, during and now after our marriage.
I'm not going to let him try and bully me out of my entitled share of our assets, but my solicitor is always trying to persuade me to relinquish my rights (as I think I am legally entitled to).
How do I find a solicitor willing to stand up for me and fight my corner? I'm fed up of listening to solicitors promising unrealistic shares, but I have now got the opposite problem?

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snackerextraordinaire Fri 26-Oct-18 18:17:51

I am not vastly knowledgeable about this but I think if you are not happy you should get a new solicitor.

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