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LostInOxfordshire Mon 08-Oct-18 18:16:40

LY I found my ex wife was having an affair with a neighbour. It was a horrible feeling!

After things calmed down, we agreed to a 50/50 split of assets and custody of our 8 yr old son.

However, after a few arguments, she now wants more.

I put my career on hold to support her career for 5 years and take primary care for our son. I still earned more than her for 8 years, but in the last 2 years she has been earning more and now I'm unemployed, I just haven't been able to concentrate on work. I'm trying my best to find employment and have had a few interviews.

I've continued to see our son and contribute 50/50. But she is now emailing that she feels unsafe/threatened and I should "seriously consider our sons welfare" when responding to her financial split offer. This also coincides with a new "friend" spending nights at our property (on some days with our son and his daughter)

should I stick it out for 50/50?
should I just let her take 66%, so I can focus on my career?
- Thats if she takes 66% custody, what if she still expects 50/50 on childcare costs?

I'm so worried and alone, She lives at the marital home and pays the mortgage (i pay rent on a small flat).

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