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Ex not truthful on statement of information form

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trulybadlydeeply Sun 30-Sep-18 12:21:37

Moving forward with divorce etc. I have already remortgaged my house and given him a sum to buy a house of his own. A final lump sum (equal to an agreed period of monthly maintenance) that I will give him has been provisionally agreed.

I have now had sight of the statement of information form, and he has not disclosed money that I know that he has.

I have a telephone call with my solicitor booked but would be interested in other people's experiences of this. The trouble is I have no actual "proof" of the other money, and these are not vast sums, so in order to raise the fact that he is lying I would be spending more on solicitors fees, and yet no doubt still have to give him what we have informally agreed. However he is breaking the law, and lying on a legal document. Can and do people get away with this?

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Goldilocks3Bears Thu 04-Oct-18 23:09:09

Yes they can, because you don’t want to spend the money on legal fees.

My ex lied through his teeth on his form e but I didn’t have evidence and the ow also had property so financially they’re much better off than me and the kids

Pick your battles.

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