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can anyone help with divorce

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boots12 Sun 23-Sep-18 21:20:00

My husband left 3 months ago and I now have to move out of this house with my son as the house we live in comes with his job, my H brought a house when we got together and I moved in - I'm not on deeds or mortgage and we lived there for 2 years until moving out and renting it and then we got married - I have followed him for nine years in his career moving around and bringing up our child - he says I am not entitled to any thing from the house , do you think this is right ? and if I am what would it be? hope someone can help , thank you

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Everytimeref Sun 23-Sep-18 21:22:53

Yes you would be entitled to something. Would the property be suitable for you and you DC?

numbbrain Sun 23-Sep-18 21:48:11


You are entitled to half the house and I wouldn;t be surprised (but I'mno solicitor) that you couldn;t move into the house with your son.

Don;t let him deceive you out of your entitlement.

See a solicitor as soon as you can.

boots12 Mon 24-Sep-18 08:13:10

Thank you - sadly I can’t seem to find a solicitor who will let me pay them in settlement and as he has taken the savings too I’m stuck but I k is if I don’t fight this I will regret it as we now have to move to a new location as it’s too expensive where we live now - I don’t want to be greedy just what I should get.

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SoaringSwallow Mon 24-Sep-18 08:17:39

I think what you're entitled to depends on where you are. If Scotland, then I think you're only entitled to what was accrued during the marriage, not before, unless assets from before the marriage were invested in the marriage (eg he had 50k in savings prior to marriage and then invested that sum in a family home after marriage).

If you're in England or Wales you're entitled, I think, to any assets.

I'm not a lawyer though!

Diana01 Thu 27-Sep-18 22:55:56

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