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If he refuses mediation, what next?

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Spotify Sun 23-Sep-18 18:30:51

I have a first MIAMS meeting next week and I'm nervous. Separated for 3 years. The mediation team have sent him out an invitation I believe but I don't know if he's had it yet.
I am fairly certain he will not take any notice of the invitation or respond. (due to his personality which is quite arrogant, spiteful and controlling and I'm also seeing a counsellor to help me through those bits). He still sees me as 'his possession' I think.
I have a seen a solicitor who said if it doesn't work, it goes to court but I am worried I am in for a long, hard journey.
The scenario I see is him just ignoring any correspondence so does that mean I won't get anywhere for ages?.
I'm worried about the mounting costs too.
Has anyone any experience of this sort of person going through it?

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daughtersmother Sun 23-Sep-18 19:28:52

Is this about finances? My daughter's ex refused to go to mediation, she had a court date arranged, but he at the last minute made an offer, and the consent order went through without any problem. Yes, it did cost her court fees (up front) and solicitor's bills are mounting still! The ex sounds just like yours, and we have had a horrendous time over other issues. All started exactly 2 years ago and still too many loose ends. Feeling your pain.

Spotify Sun 23-Sep-18 19:47:46

Hi mother, the mediation session is to try and start divorce proceedings. (I think this is required now to at least try). Solicitor said it is in my best interests to at least try mediation first and see what happens. There are also three children (with me) so hopefully to sort out child arrangements too. I'm nervous about starting this journey. sad Sorry your daughter has had a rubbish time. I can imagine mine will be similar. flowers

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Spotify Sun 23-Sep-18 19:49:08

But yes, about finances too. (I've been renting for the last 3 years while he is still in the family home by himself and has sold another property he has in recent months.

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