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Court for child abuse!!!

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samesh1tdifferentday Thu 13-Sep-18 09:48:06

Hi haven't posted for a while as things were going ok however I have had a interim CAO land on my doorstep of allegations of child abuse 2 counts, psychological and emotional!! I'm gutted that he could do this after being a decent SAHM for 14 years.
I have had mental health issues since separating 2 years ago but this is just ludicrous I'm so upset and I hope he hasn't told the children!

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Notbeingrobbed Fri 14-Sep-18 11:13:52

He is bullying you. Has he any evidence at all? How old are the children? Are they old enough to say what they think? If you’ve been an SAHM for 14 years then they must be old enough to give an opinion.

TheOrigFV45 Fri 14-Sep-18 11:31:29

What does the Order state?

His allegations must be pretty strong if the court has issued an interim order. When are you in Court?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sat 15-Sep-18 07:50:29

So all the time you were married and providing free childcare you were ok to look after his kids but the minute you want a divorce you're a child abuser???? Yeah my ex did this 🙁

Notbeingrobbed Sat 15-Sep-18 08:05:58

I’d say nobody provides free childcare for their own kids. It’s called just being a parent.

samesh1tdifferentday Sun 16-Sep-18 06:39:42

He thanks for your responses I have got my head around defending myself now even though it will be horrific... my lawyer has helped me sort this out already.
I am going to ask CAFCAS to come in and help us out if this mess.
My children are asking to come home it breaks my heart when he tells them no because I can't explain the allegations to them so it looks like I'm just saying NO
My DS1 is very upset.
I have a lot of emotional support in place for all 4 children and I. We all have therapy of some kind.
I now have got some dialogue going with his fiancé and it appears he hasn't been telling her how he's been treating us all.
She seems supportive of helping them home.
I just want an end to this mess now and get what's best for the children wether it's with me or their dad.
Because we have 4 dc's it's been suggested that they may end up separated because of varying needs. This is fine it would be so much easier if we could share the care rather than fight over them

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