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Child Arrangement Order Wording

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mammamiamore Sat 08-Sep-18 15:03:46

Hi just wondering if anyone could shed any light on wording in CAOs? I have one put in place which has detailed wording but my husband's one is very "woolly" and relies on the "Such further or alternative, contact as may be agreed between the parties". He is presently filling in C100 form to get it much more detailed in order that he can spend more time with his daughter (and us too!). The only detail is in the first part regarding alternate weekends, first part gives details for when she was at pre-school.

My question is regarding the next point and the wording about "alternate weekends (commencement date when DSD started school) [i.e. it takes over from the previous point, this being a different school and finish time]from 3.15pm on Fridays until X time on Sundays." She has just moved to middle school where they do not finish until 3.30pm on Fridays.

Obviously he is not going to pick her up at 3.15pm when school hasn't finished but does this negate the validity of this point? The court explicitly state at the start that her mother will consider more contact with the father 6 months from the date of the order and thereafter (nearly 3 years' ago) but although he has raised it with her, she refuses to believe it is "in the child's best interests to have more contact".

We know the court will decide what is best for the child in a revised order but in the meantime, we were hoping to find a way to point out that time needs to be debated properly as this point in the order is no longer valid as the pick up time doesn't make sense.

Any experience in this and comments would be helpful thank you

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