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Divorce and visits-complicated!!

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Josd81 Fri 31-Aug-18 08:56:58

Hi, I’m a first time poster!!! It’s a very long story so I’ll try and shorten it!

Last two years of marriage not good, not talking much and same issues going on. Hubby lazy and drinking wY too much. Before Xmas we spoke about what to do, said we’d get past Xmas. Spoke again Feb things not great. Told him I’d had enough in March and I went away with work. He hounded me and my family and friends, drunk ridiculously and mixed the alcohol with prescription medicine. When I got back I told him we were over. He ended up getting arrested, I was advised to change locks.

Police involved he took an overdose.A month later I stupidly took him back to try (out of guilt). Went in holiday to try but things not the same he didn’t trust me he was paranoid asking to see my phone etc.

Finished with him again after he locked me out after linking my wats app to his phone and him seeing a message off my sister.

3 days I had to live with my 2 kids at my mums.

I moved back in we agreed to be amicable for the kids as we both own the house. He took another overdose this time worse and with my kids in the next room. He told his mum he’d done it so when she turned up he was out of it. He was rushed to hospital had to be vented and was in icu.

He has hounded me with abuse and horrific messages and I truest think he’s not of a sound mind. My solicitor has advised his visits with kids are supervised and I still have not heard anything from any mental health professionals. Any advice on what I should do as he’s saying he’s not heard from anyone saying he has to be supervised but at the same time I’ve not heard from anyone saying he’s safe to have them. He’s been unwell and one possibly could be cancer and he’s now telling everyone he’s got cancer when it’s not been diagnosed.

We need to sell the house and he’s telling me I’m in charge of that as he’s footing the divorce 🙄. Any advice would be great. Sorry for long message!! Xx

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MrsBertBibby Fri 31-Aug-18 09:09:59

No one will tell you it's safe. If you don't think it is safe, don't allow unsupervised contact. If he disagrees he can go to court and ultimately the judge will decide.

You need to see a solicitor about finances.

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