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Trial Separation

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VivaVegas Wed 29-Aug-18 13:45:25

H moving out next week, all our current mortgage and housing costs moved to me so he can pay for short term rental.
He will pay fixed sum to me for DC based on gov calculator.
I have looked through all the bills that I currently pay and I am paying for joint healthcare, life insurance and pet insurance.
I'm not being unreasonable to ask him to up his monthly payment to me to include half of these am I?
Also as I'm staying in the family home there is no option but for me to keep our pets, I'm considering asking him to contribute to the cost of their food and to agree that if I go away for a weekend when I'm on my own that he looks after them. Reasonable?
He's very twitchy about money but I don't feel I should be paying for all of the above when half of it is his responsibility.

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VivaVegas Fri 31-Aug-18 22:34:35


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CatsOutTheCudboard Fri 31-Aug-18 22:50:17

I agree about life insurance & healthcare.

As for the pets.. who will get custody? If you are keeping the pets, then I would say it's down to you to pay for them (food and insurance).
And with regards to him pet sitting.. I would say that entirely depends on how amicable you two are?

RedSquirrelMoonlight Sat 01-Sep-18 05:40:00

Agree about the gov calculations, health and insurances, however think the pet costs should be on a temporary basis until ownership is confirmed. When the kids go to his place will the dog stay with you or go too?

VivaVegas Sat 01-Sep-18 07:35:06

Thanks, good to get affirmation I'm not being unreasonable.
This is all his doing and he needs to have the reality of what life would be like and cost of the split becomes permanent
Re the pets I've no choice but to keep them for now as he can't have pets in the rental, however I do need to talk to him to make him aware that there shouldn't be an assumption I will have them if the split becomes permanent, particularly if we sell the family home, but for now my approach below is all for the trial separation.

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LadyLapsang Wed 05-Sep-18 22:57:50

I would check the health insurance. You may not be eligible for a joint policy if he has moved to a different address and you are no longer a couple.

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