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Nisci granted waiting for absolute

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pinkkoala Tue 21-Aug-18 23:26:35

I could of applied for absolute on 6th june but have been advised by my solicitor to sort finances out first.
Long story short, i moved out of the marital home on separating, my ex refused to so i had no choice, lots of abuse and police involvement.
He now is unable to take mortage on his name only and buy me out, he has such bad credit history and loads debt. I haven't got thousands to fight and force a sale although i desperately want my money from the house now. He also doesn't pay any maintenance for our daughter either and makes it clear she is more of an inconvenience to him then anything else.
I have thought about legally getting it drawn up that when she is 18, she is nearly 14 now, that the house is to be sold but he doesn't want that either. What can i do ad i feel i am now stuck not getting anywhere and want all ties with him cut, we barely speak anyway, both of us have new partners so he should want to move on.
What can i do.

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NorthernSpirit Wed 22-Aug-18 07:25:20

You have to see a solicitor and get legal advice.

You should arrange the consent order (divorce finances) before applying for the absolute.

If he can’t afford the mortgage, he doesn’t get to live there.

MrsBertBibby Wed 22-Aug-18 08:58:22

You need to issue your form A lawyer or no lawyer.

You can applyfor decree absolute before redolving finances but in so.e cases there is a good reason not to so if you can't afford advice best to leave it.

Dogdays123 Tue 28-Aug-18 16:00:50

Dear MrsBertBibby, I posted this on legal but wondered if you might have a second to respond to this query. I’ve seen solicitors on the Internet stating that still having a joint bank account will be an issue in filing for 2 years separation with consent under same roof. We have lived separately for years. Own rooms, do not eat or socialise together etc. We are going through the divorce process and I am applying for work. At the moment I have no independent income as 3 kids & supported dh in his career. His salary is now large.

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