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Only 1 month separate, can he force the sale of our home.

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Emmahopkins51 Fri 17-Aug-18 21:05:06

My husband has decided 1 month ago to end our marriage, we have not even been married a year although together 7.
We are still living under the same roof but separately, he is constantly asking to put the house up for sale, we own this jointly. Can he do this, can he make me sell yet even though we can't even start divorce proceeding for another 2 years.

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meditrina Fri 17-Aug-18 21:09:25

Well, you won't have to wait for two years if one of you starts an 'unreasonable behaviour' petition.

And yes, you will have to start thinking about a financial settlement. Which may well involve selling up and splitting the proceeds. But you need to take your own legal (and perhaps financial) advice before agreeing to anything

Seniorschoolmum Fri 17-Aug-18 21:22:09

Well, if you are going your separate ways, you’ll both need some where to live and I guess he needs a deposit. If you don’t have children to provide for, and it’s half his, it’s inevitable isn’t it?
As pp says, time to get some legal advice.

Emmahopkins51 Fri 17-Aug-18 23:18:14

Whilst I realise moving is something I will have to do at some point in the future my question was more directed at can I be forced this soon. I'm still reeling from this and it is not my wish to separate or divorce. I have health issues, am due hospital treatment next month with potential surgery, so moving is the last thing on my mind, let alone my grief and coming to terms with this.

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PatheticNurse Sat 18-Aug-18 06:56:04

If you both own the house, then no he can't force a sale. But a Judge can.

STBXH also wanted our home on the market within 2 weeks of him leaving. My solicitor said he can't do that as it is all part of the finance matter - along with our savings, debts, pensions etc

Yours is a very short marriage so l would be looking at why he wants out and is there a OW that you can then use to divorce him for.

Do not agree to anything except for you both to sit down and discuss how you are going to split your assets

inquiquotiokixul Sat 18-Aug-18 07:12:25

Are there any kids involved?

Could you scrape together the wherewithal to buy him out? If you can agree a figure for the current amount of equity and how it should be split, and if you can afford the mortgage alone, then you could stay.

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