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FDA done today

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mumof3boy Wed 15-Aug-18 21:22:41

Well that’s the FDA done. All a bit of an anti climax. It was very brief the judge acknowledged what he had received so far and gave us dates for additional documents to be served by.

My main job is to get a Financial Advisor to report up my mortgage capacity. Where we live an average 3 bed semi (I have 3 boys), is best part of £300k.

I work partime, and very much doubt I’d be able to borrow very much at all. The family home is mortgage free, 5 bed and valued at £325k. I very much doubt a settlement out of court is going to happen as we are 18 months down the line and still living under the same roof as he refuses to move out.

The only thing that would allow out of court settlement is if by some miracle I can get a mortgage that is affordable and he is willing to give me more than 50% of the house...doesn’t answer how he will accommodate the housing needs for the boys tho.

He works full time £27k ish but has been diagnosed with incurable cancer so is unlikely to be able to get a mortgage based on this...

I honestly have no idea which way this is likely to go...

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