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Universal credit/housing advice

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ETgo Wed 15-Aug-18 08:51:18

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

It’s looking very likely that myself and husband will be separating in next few months. I’ve started to look at housing options and want to put my name down for social housing application ( house is in husbands name and although I know I’d be entitled to half etc I’d like to find somewhere else for me and teenage children as husband has worked hard to make the house what it is and I’d like him to be able to keep it for when DC are with him). On the application for housing it asks if I receive benefits- I don’t st the moment but want to apply for UC but not sure if I’m allowed to whilst living with husband still. Can anyone help with what order to do things in? I can’t afford a place of my own without a little help at the moment but if I can’t claim UC until we don’t live together I’m not sure how it’s possible

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