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scotgal2017 Wed 08-Aug-18 17:38:59

Just come back from free half hour with SOL. Basically as the final kick in the teeth, after giving 20 years of my life to an abusive arsehole all I'm entitled to is half of what was in the joint bank account when he said he wanted to 5 thousand Euro. This guy earns six figures after tax. Give him his due he is paying rent and something half decent for kids every month (so far anyway). 20 years of being secretary and whipping girl for his abuse and this is what I can claim...unless i can find out about his pensions SOL says. After so long I can't remember all of the jobs he has had (trying to blot out the past except for the kids, they were the only good thing). i have found some of the previous employers on linkedin, will rack my brains for few more. Do i need to get any more info than the companies names/addresses and the time he worked for them or does sol need more than that? Will sol find out what his pensions amount to or do i have to? Was a free half hour so ran out of time......would be Scottish divorce if makes any difference. Going to drown disappointment in some wine. TIA

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waterSpider Wed 08-Aug-18 18:41:35

Married or unmarried?
If unmarried your rights to anything are very limited (though better in Scotland than in England), and Pension Sharing is for divorcing couples.
If married you generally need a specialist in Scottish Law. There is no 'Form E' that discloses assets, if you think there are assets (including pensions) to go after.

scotgal2017 Wed 08-Aug-18 19:05:50

Together 20 years, married 17, 2 DCs. Lawyer in Scotland i've just been to says all I'm entitled to is what was in the joint bank account when he said he wanted to separate a year ago...which was 5,000 Euros (we were living abroad at the time but i have moved back to Scotland last month and he is in process of moving back, he has been self employed in country we were residing for around 4 years and earns a 6 figure salary, he climbed up his career which involved working away from home for 3 to 6 weeks at a time, so he would not have been able to do this without me being there for the kids). We have no assets such as property, only the joint bank accounts. So as money going in and out (by him as he pays me a set amount each month into a second joint account for rent and kids) he has usually 10,000 to 20,000 Euros in "his" bank account to play with and spend as he sees fit. I have not touched the money in the joint account that is "his" for the whole time we have been separated and only used the money he has put into the second account for rent and kids.

I have no job and have been out of the world of work for nearly 8 years, I am looking for work but nothing yet even after 4 interviews and applying for 30 jobs. The lawyer said it is best to look into what he has with his pensions or ask him outright for a settlement amount (too acrimonious, i only message him about kids and bills) so not sure what information i need to gather in regards to pensions.

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