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How do you stay strong?

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bluestarbeam Wed 01-Aug-18 16:54:47

I know ending my marriage is the right thing to do. I've been in a sexless marriage for years but my DH is happy to use porn, webcams extremely regularly. We don't talk anymore. He's not really interested in me. Many nights are spent with him unconscious on the sofa from drinking several bottles of wine.

I know this relationship doesn't make me happy anymore and I want the opportunity to be free to meet someone else in the future as I really want that connection with someone, but despite his behaviour I love him and just wish he could "change". It's been 10 years and he never does and I'm coming to terms with this. He has ADHD too (only recently diagnosed) so part of me feels guilt leaving him when he can't help a lot of these things. But even if he can't help them, I know I need more from a husband.

I told him I wanted to end the marriage earlier in the week when things came to a head.

How do you stay strong when you know it's the right thing to do but it's also so hard?

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Singlenotsingle Wed 01-Aug-18 16:58:46

He will never change. You could live the rest of your life like this unless you do something about it.

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