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Finances re son

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Mary1935 Wed 01-Aug-18 07:00:40

Morning all - I am going to try and do as much of my divorce myself - there are properties involved and I will be seeking legal advice re this.
I need to know what financial and practical implications I need to think of re my 8 year old son until he’s 18.
Any good websites I can be pointed too or any advice welcome.

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imsoboredwithitall Wed 01-Aug-18 07:02:56

You need solid legal advice. While things might seem amicable now, they can easily go to shit overnight!

meditrina Wed 01-Aug-18 07:06:15

Which? do a guide to divorce and it would probably be useful for you to read it. Then you will know when you need to use a solicitor and can use their (petentialky expensive time effectively.

MissedTheBoatAgain Wed 01-Aug-18 09:29:17


If there are properties (ie more than one) and an 8 year old involved it does not sound like a DIY situation.

Mary1935 Wed 01-Aug-18 20:08:58

Thanks meditrina I’ve ordered the book.
Hi missed - yes I’m aware I will need legal input re properties.
Any other input gratefully received.

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