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Am I going mad?

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Mumao Fri 27-Jul-18 21:15:02

My ex and I are currently living together.

I’m sure that he tells me something and then says he didn’t. For example: earlier this week he told me he was on call for work this weekend. I msgd a friend to say I had to cancel plans as ex is on call and couldn’t get childcare cover. I just said to ex I need to go to my mums tomorrow can you watch dc. I know you are on call but if you get called out then I can come straight home (mum lives 5 min drive away).

Ex says I’m not in call and never said I was! Rolls his eyes as if to say here we go again! He’s working from 7 but not on call!

This isn’t the first time this has happened and I feel like I’m going mad!

I’ve just told him to text me his working schedule so I can keep track.

I just feel like something isn’t right? It’s making me question myself!

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