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How much should DH pay?

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imsoboredwithitall Mon 23-Jul-18 21:04:05

100% asking for a friend (not on MN & I have no experience)

12 years married - 20 years together
1 child 6 years old
Wife doesn't work
Husband works full time £32k PA

Husband has always paid rent and bills
Wife has done majority of childcare, school, home making etc although husband has always helped
Neither have hobbies.
Wife had small inheritance - H&W both spent it
No savings or property.

Wife will now get Universal Credit

Wife wants to stay in family home, which is bigger than needed.

Basically what is Wife entitled to from Husband?

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NorthernSpirit Mon 23-Jul-18 21:38:26

The courts have an obligation to consider a clean break.

Assessment starts at 50:50 split is worked from there. There’s no house, no savings. What about cars and pensions?

It doesn’t sound like there’s anything to split.

Women are expected to work to support themselves. Your friend will be expected to work to support herself and contribute to her child.

The wife wants to stay in the rented home. Shes’ll be expected to pay for it if she’s living there.

Husband will be expected to pay CM.

Buildabear Mon 23-Jul-18 21:45:16

Just cm I think if there’s no house, on 32k about 270 per month according to the cms call assuming he has the children 1-2 nights per week

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Mon 23-Jul-18 22:14:10

Doesn't sound like there's much to be entitled to. 32k isn't usually enough to run two homes and support three people. Wife needs to get a job.

imsoboredwithitall Mon 23-Jul-18 23:42:41

Thanks I agree. She sadly doesn't see it confused

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waterSpider Tue 24-Jul-18 06:39:08

Universal credit will include an amount for housing costs (rent), but will only cover the level of rent of a two-bed property locally in the bottom third of ren levels [at best].
Does seem that child maintenance is all that could be paid.
Law textbooks often point to the inability to "get a quart out of a pint pot" whatever the desired solution.

MissedTheBoatAgain Fri 27-Jul-18 08:47:18

Wife needs to find part time job that fits with Child's school hours.

Husband will have to pay Child Maintenance. On 32k per year the previously quoted figure of 270/month is about right. After Husband has paid his own living costs and child maintenance I can't see there being anything left to pay Spousal Maintenance.

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