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Husband in prison and I'm pregnant

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Ash1992 Fri 20-Jul-18 17:55:54

I'm really in a dilemma my husband is in prison and I am expecting a baby. Is there anyone that has been in a similar position or is in a position now.

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aliceinchunderland1 Sun 22-Jul-18 15:19:01

This must be hard for you, how long is he in for? Do u want to be with him when he's out?

MrsBertBibby Sun 22-Jul-18 15:40:53

What is the dilemma? To keep the baby? The relationship?

TroysMammy Sun 22-Jul-18 16:37:10

How long has he been and will be inside and is it his baby?

Ash1992 Sun 22-Jul-18 17:17:10

Hes in there untill December im due in january. Yes his baby the dilemma is juat having to go through it alone with appointments etc i have my mum for support but because its our fist he wilp be missing it . He came to the first scan
I waa thinking of ways to keep him involved like creating a baby book

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Keepsmiling1 Sun 22-Jul-18 18:21:11

I would try to focus on the fact that he will be home for the baby once he/she is born. Although it's very disappointing that he will miss the appointments etc he will at least be home for the birth (hopefully) and the rest of the baby's life. It would be much harder if you were going to have a newborn alone or even having to explain to an older child where their dad is. So although not ideal it's not the worst situation!

Ash1992 Sun 22-Jul-18 19:25:13

Thanks when you put it like that it doesnt seem as bad

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flossietoot Sun 22-Jul-18 19:27:51

Contact the prison to see what family support they have available- many in Scotland for example have charities like ‘familie outside’ and ‘circle’ linked to them.

Ash1992 Sun 22-Jul-18 19:33:52

Ok great thanks will do .

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LEMtheoriginal Sun 22-Jul-18 19:37:43

Are you considering terminating your pregnacy because your dh cant come to your antenatal appointments?

aliceinchunderland1 Sun 22-Jul-18 19:43:49

OP didn't say anything along the lines of termination?!

Ash1992 Sun 22-Jul-18 19:44:32

No way not at all. I wouldnt even think of that

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LEMtheoriginal Sun 22-Jul-18 19:51:04

Oh gosh. Im sorry its not really a dilemma then. I misunderstood.

Yes it is a shame he will miss out but that is his fault and his punishment not yours. Try not to let it detract from the joy of your pregnancy. Use the time he is away to focus on being kind to yourself and lookingafter yourself. Try not to worry too much about your dh other than looking forwad to being together when the baby is born.

Maybe write a pregnancy journal to share with him onvisits etc. Incude all the morning sickess and changes you feel physically. First movements etc.

He'll be home soon and then you can settle into your new family.

Ash1992 Sun 22-Jul-18 20:09:00

That's a good idea ill definitely set up a diary.

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