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Cost sharing

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ovendoor Tue 17-Jul-18 12:59:39

Hi all,

I have today received the divorce papers from my ExH.
Initially when we separated we agreed that we would wait the two years and divorce on grounds of separation, split the court costs and have a clean break to make it easy/cheap (we are amicable)
However, later in the year he changed his mind and said he was going to see a solicitor and divorce me on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. I was a little taken aback but he said he just wanted it done. I still agreed to share 50% of the court fees.

His solicitor has since seemed to drag it out, he went in October 2017 and I have only just received the petition. I do not have a solicitor, and do not have the financial means to instruct one (as in really, really do not, no savings etc. as they were used to set me up when I had to leave the house)

I have noticed in the papers it states that I will pay 50% of the fees, can anyone advise if this refers to the court fees only? I will struggle to find that money anyway, however if it means his solicitor fees too I'm not in a position to pay for this! I don't want to sign anything that will ultimately screw me over.

All so far has been very amicable, we are doing a clean break divorce and I am not claiming any assets etc (I just need out and done) and we agree on childcare arrangements. There has been no issues throughout our separation thus far either.

Can any one advise please?

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