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scotgal2017 Thu 12-Jul-18 23:13:38

Evening folks, looking for info please. STBXH left me and kids (both early teens) after 20 years together last summer. We were actually living in a different country and me and kids have just moved back to Scotland. He wants to do the disney dad and move back nearby so he can take kids (of course when it suits). He has a history of being controlling and abusive with me and today he asked for my new address so when he moves over he can pick up kids. My question is as we are not divorced yet and he is obviously on the birth certificates /has parental rights, do I have to tell him what my new address is? I'm expecting the barrage of abuse and you have no right not to tell me where my kids are living etc if I don't tell him but as it's a fresh start for me and I have been seeing a therapist and doing well with turning my life around, I'm trying to keep.out the negative as much as possible. I'm already low contact with him, only talking about kids and monthly payment he makes.

Any info on legally where I stand with not giving him my new address would be appreciated x

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sosickofthisshit Fri 13-Jul-18 13:54:29

He doesn't need to know where you live. Your kids are older, have him meet the kids somewhere nearby

scotgal2017 Fri 13-Jul-18 18:38:58

Thanks for your reply @sosickofthisshit

I will do this, I just know what comes with this arrangement i.e. more abuse from him about it! !

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NeverTwerkNaked Fri 13-Jul-18 18:41:21

He’s likely to just make the children tell him where you live though? If he is really difficult you could get a court order to prevent him coming to the house/ sending you abusive messages? (I know how awful that can be)

scotgal2017 Fri 13-Jul-18 21:55:23

HI nevertwerkednaked, it's spooky I was just logging back on to post the same thing, it's a regular thing that if I ignore questions he will ask DD, and because she is an adolescent and he is her dad she will answer him without thinking about it ( not obviously blaming her just not ideal when trying to have a positive fresh start with the teat out of my life as much as possible). I hope it won't go the way of needing an order, I'm hoping to start the divorce at the end of the month anyway so can always consult my sol if it gets hairy. Thanks for the reply x

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NeverTwerkNaked Fri 13-Jul-18 22:28:31

Not blaming your DD at all. But someone who is abusive won’t think twice about pumping their own children for information.

It’s grim dealing with an ex like this.

crimsonlake Sat 14-Jul-18 00:26:11

Know how you feel, but he will find out from the children.

bluetrampolines Sat 14-Jul-18 00:40:19

Do you have relations close by? Use their address.

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