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Typical time taken to discuss formalising separation

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newlystarting Wed 04-Jul-18 16:03:27

When a DH has left how what is the typical time taken to discuss formalising separation? Or filing for divorce. All new to me. Need to know to compare to what is going on here.

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limon Wed 04-Jul-18 17:39:31

Whenever you're ready. You can fill in thebdovorce petition and file - the form is available on line.

newlystarting Wed 04-Jul-18 17:45:49

I don’t want to go down that route yet

(He’s the one that moved out end of last year, has had someone new for awhile but isn’t doing anything to finalise anything, hasn’t mentioned the word divorce.)

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Wed 04-Jul-18 21:40:54

Do you need to get a divorce? Could you carry on as you are/

newlystarting Wed 04-Jul-18 22:06:43

I was just trying to work out where his head is at as he hasn’t done anything about making it permanent and so was trying to compare it to what is typical
But guess even that information doesn’t make it possible to mind read someone

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Oceandegree Thu 05-Jul-18 21:49:23

I have been separated 3 years and just 'needing to' try and think about divorce now as he has financially screwed me.

lifebegins50 Fri 06-Jul-18 17:44:50

Finances and new partners seem to drive if you either one of you believe you have more to lose then they may delay or they maybe waiting for an event.

I wouldn't read too much into it, some wait 2 years as then its irrevocably differences and a no fault divorce.If he filed now it would have to be adultery or your unreasonable behaviour.

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