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What to tell my son?

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scruff1e Tue 03-Jul-18 11:12:02

My son is 2 and will soon start playgroup. He is an only child, his father and I split up when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I am still in contact with his family and the father's mum sees my son a couple of times a month. The father, to put it bluntly is not interested. Or, should I say, that he says all the right things but then never puts it into action. He has had the same opportunities as his mother to see my son and my son adores her. He has no relationship with his father.

I am quite happy not to have the father in our lives. But, I am conscious that he will ask why he doesn't have a daddy. I do not want to "bad mouth" his father, it is up to my son to come to his own conclusions later on in life. I am looking for some help on how I deal with this. Has anyone been through anything similar?

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