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Pregnant and seperating

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Daisychain141 Mon 25-Jun-18 13:53:26

Dear Mummies

I have been in an unhealthy controlling relationship for many years. I have an 15 month old son and have just found out I am pregnant again, 12 weeks in. I have tried endless to work with my partner and make thing better, but it is not happening, there is simply no reasoning with him, or changing his controlling ways. I know deep down that it will be better for our son if we separate, as it is not good for him to see his mummy being put down and spoken down to all the time.
But I keep hanging in there, longer and longer, hoping and hoping, trying to see the good bits a a reason to stay.
Also having found out that I am pregnant again, I am scared at the thought of bringing home a new baby on my own, which i am sure sound silly. Especially as my partner had no involvement with our son for the first 6 months, so i did it all.
I know separating will make everyone's lives better in the long run, but i am so scared.
Has anyone else been through similar? Have any wise words, of how to grow a pair of balls and do what is right for me and my son and the new baby.
thank you x

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opheliatickle Mon 25-Jun-18 22:12:08

Could you get your post moved over to relationships for more traffic?

I do know exactly what you're going through and in my case I felt much better after the baby was born, the pregnancy was an awful, worrisome time.

You will get stronger, you know what to do. Take control or start planning now to minimise his involvement in the pregnancy and birth as he is likely to ramp up the abuse when you are most vulnerable and not able to give him the attention to wants.

You've got this!

Daisychain141 Tue 26-Jun-18 15:22:04

thank you for your support and advice. good idea, ill move it.

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