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separating... where do I start?

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poundoflard Mon 25-Jun-18 10:47:35

I've told my DH that time is up and I want to go.
Things haven't been great for a while and time apart recently made me see things clearly and its time to end it. We've been married 12 years, have 3 dcs.

We are getting along much better now we respect each others decision and hopefully we can split amicably.

The house comes with my DH's business so I am going to move out. I don't work, and will have to get a job in sept after the summer hols. He said he will pay my rent til I find work.

Where do I start?
What do I need to do?
I dont have a solicitor or anything as we are still talking about the whole split.

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poundoflard Mon 25-Jun-18 10:48:54

I meant to say we will share time with the children, half / half kind of thing.

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