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Is this the right order to do things in?

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ErnieAndBernie Fri 08-Jun-18 15:15:00


Is this the right order to do things in re divorce? Me and ex-H will be doing as much as possible ourselves although I will certainly be seeking legal advice over the financial disclosure and what I should be getting from him. We have 2 kids and own/ have a mortgage on a house.

Decree nisi - we can file this ourselves? He's agreed to take the blame for unreasonable behaviour.

Financial disclosure - is this form E? I guess we can each fill in ourselves and swap then seek legal advise on the outcome till be agree on stuff? Does this cover all assets including the house? So salaries/ savings/ pensions/ property and contents

I guess we need to come to an agreement on the kids - who has them when, what is paid from him to me in terms of maintenance as I have them almost full time. Is this a form or do we just thrash it out, and when agreed get a solicitor to write it up?

Then decree absolute? Which i think we can do ourselves? I have been advised not to do this bit till the finances and kids are all signed and sealed.

Have I missed anything out? Are there any good websites that go though what is involved in each stage? I want to be prepared. We are amicable but I don't particularly trust him to put all his savings and assets down first time....
I'm seeing a solicitor on Monday and would like to go in with as much information as possible and a list of questions.

Anything you can suggest would be amazing, thanks.

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lifebegins50 Sat 09-Jun-18 23:25:15

Yes, think that covers it.

Consent order is the signed financial order which a judge reviews and approves.
Child contact cam be agreed between you and then there is a box you tick to say it is agreed.It does not need to be detailed to a court if no dispute.

Form E is the template for disclosure, if you are agreeing jointly then it doesn't have to be disclosed to a court.A judge can query a consent order and ask for back up material if he feels its not well balanced.

Pensions are complicated...fine if you both have similar schemes i.e money purchase but tricky if one final salary as the value can be different to CETV.If you have been a SAHP then pensions needs to be a factor for you.
Good luck...court can easily cost 20k each so if you are close to agreement don't argue over a small value items.

Have you considered mediation?

ErnieAndBernie Mon 11-Jun-18 10:37:35

I'm hopeful once we've both had our initial meetings with solicitors we can do a degree of this ourselves. We agreed to try to keep it as civil as possible as we don't want any avoidable stress out on the kids.
Mediation might well be the way to go.
But my first appointment is in half an hour so I shall take a view after that smile
Thanks for confirming the above. It makes it feel much more achievable

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