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Partners left me and our 9week old baby

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Overwhelmedandlonelymommy Fri 01-Jun-18 23:40:11

So, both partner and I are 27 and have a 9 week old. Partner has been off and distant with me for a few weeks, no intimacy ect unless on his terms. I booked a holiday for us to go away on his birthday but he wanted to spend his birthday with his twin sister too so i reorganised it so that her and her partner could also join us. I paid the fee and everything was organised. I managed to find q baby sitter just for the 2 nights that we would be gone and we werent going far incase something were to happen. Anyway, Today he got back from work, moaned at how tired he was but said he was going out to get his hair cut (this was 7.00am in the morning.) His hair appointment wasnt until 9.30 so I suggested hinted we have a snuggle in bed for a bit before his appointment. He was so cold hearted towards me and left in a hurry. Roll on to 1pm and he was in the pub drinking. Now what bothers me is that i dont get a break from dd at all because he doesn't have her for me or if he does its only so I can have a rushed shower, its because he doesn't like it when she cries and he gets frustrated because he doesn't know what to do to console her so I have her all the time. Anyway, this pub time is basically just a piss take since I don't get a break. He then went to his moms and when i rang him he eventually answered and said he doesnt know if he wants to be with me n then hung up. I have not heard off him since and he's rejecting my calls and has blocked my number on watsaap. He's back at his moms (who currently has dd so I get a break) but what the actual fuck? He doesn't talk to me about much that's bothering him anyway but to just drop a bombshell like that and go ghost on me is truly vile and it makes me feel unworthy of anything. What would others do? Has anybody had this happen to them? Im hurting and confused sad

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AjasLipstick Sat 02-Jun-18 05:21:04

Oh OP this is awful! Your baby is so young....he's being an utter arsehole!

I am also afraid that I would be very suspicious about the going out at 7.00am and then not coming back. Could he be with another woman do you think? Why else would he rush off and then say something like that on the phone?

Tiddleypops Sat 02-Jun-18 12:20:26

What an absolute selfish tosser he is OP.
It does sound very suspicious. Would his mum tell you anything do you think? Sounds as though she might know what is going on.

neonyellowshoes Sat 02-Jun-18 12:24:38

What would others do?

I'd start planning a way to manage as a single mother. How are your finances? Do you rent or own your home?

This is a manchild who is clearly not fit to be a decent father.

DangerMouse17 Sat 02-Jun-18 12:27:54

Your baby is 9 weeks. It's incredibly stressful and he is behaving like a selfish twat. How long have you been with him exactly?

I suggest you don't contact him and just look after yourself and the baby. Perhaps he is overwhelmed and now having a bit of a "moment" but at the end of the day you both made this baby and he needs to step up and behave like an adult.

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