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ex husbands new girlfriend selling contents of my house..advice please

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OliviaThomson Mon 14-May-18 20:12:25

has anyone else ever had this happen or no of the law regarding this?
I have been separated from ex husband for 6 months due to go to court soon to decide on the equity split of the house and assets, his new girlfriend is now selling all of my furniture on various social media sites under 'house clearance' furniture that i paid for and have receipts for, ( all of my belongings still remain in the house ) any advice welcome please! smile

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OliviaThomson Mon 14-May-18 20:12:58


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juneau Mon 14-May-18 20:14:17

Do you have a solicitor? If so, ring them at 9am tomorrow and ask their advice. Alternatively, have you contacted her to tell her that the furniture is a) yours and b) that you want it if they don't? It sounds like she just wants to be rid of it, so if you're willing to take it perhaps she'll let you have it. She certainly has no right to sell it and pocket the cash.

Aprilmightbemynewname Mon 14-May-18 20:16:18

Report to social media they are stolen goods.

OliviaThomson Mon 14-May-18 21:29:59

thankyou smile yes have done this now x

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OliviaThomson Mon 14-May-18 21:32:00

i don't have a solicitor at the moment but have a barrister for my final hearing and have passed the information to him today so hopefully the judge will not appreciate that this has happened either, i have contacted her to and said exactly that but got nothing back , it said house clearance so looks like they are trying to clear the house and pocket the cash before it sells! x

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mimibunz Mon 14-May-18 21:32:13

Sounds like stealing to me.

weehedgehog Mon 14-May-18 23:16:39

make sure you take screenshots and keep all evidence!!

mump0ints Mon 14-May-18 23:19:10

Screen grab all the sites/pages if you haven’t already. Match pieces to your receipts. Include dates and times on screengrabs

mump0ints Mon 14-May-18 23:19:34

Ooh cross post!

CommuterBlue Wed 16-May-18 02:50:27

If she's already sold stuff and pocketed the cash then half of it is yours.

Imchlibob Wed 16-May-18 03:54:40

She & you ex have stolen your stuff and sold it, they owe you the full replacement value not the few quid they got for it on Gumtree. What utter gits.

MaitlandGirl Wed 16-May-18 05:02:31

I’d be inclined to contact the local police station to ask for their advice. Surely there must be a law against this.

Mammasmitten Wed 16-May-18 05:16:45

That is absolutely awful. They are stealing. Have you spoken to the police?

OliviaThomson Thu 17-May-18 17:52:54

spoke to police and they said they cant do anything because it is a 'civil ' matter apparently.. which doesn't seem right as it was his girlfriend that is selling the items!

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ScattyCharly Thu 17-May-18 17:55:29

Screenshots of all ads
Even though police won’t help now, solicitors will be able to during divorce.
Print screen shots
Print message asking her not to sell you stuff

Racecardriver Thu 17-May-18 17:57:33

Call the c police back. Tell them that you are reporting a theft and selling of stolen goods. Don't let them fob you off.

hoopyloop2016 Thu 17-May-18 18:01:00

Keep all evidence screenshots, messages, etc. It will help in the divorce proceedings of at least it should do.
I am so sorry she's being a bitch and selling the furniture though.
Could you put the furniture you bought in a storage unit?

Damiana Thu 17-May-18 18:05:22

I've been in a similar situation, however it was a friend I was living with instead of an ex-partner. Hopefully some of it is helpful. I was also fobbed off by the police as it was a civil matter so I did some research. I found that theft is to "permanently deprive someone of their possessions." so I took screenshots of everything, I cross-referenced every single item to the receipts that I had, I put it all in order with notes on what everything was and I then called the police again. They did then listen to me because I'd made it so easy for them to follow up. A few weeks down the line they picked them up and took them to the station which apparently came as quite a shock to them! I chose not to take it to court and they were ordered to write me a letter of apology and pay £100 compensation. I think in your circumstances it certainly wouldn't be viewed favourably by a judge. If I was in the situation again I would take the things I wanted out of the house or push for them to pay me half of the true value of the items. Sorry this has happened to you, it's beyond shit.

PotteryLady Thu 17-May-18 18:08:39

It's stealing - can't you just go and pick it up along with your stuff?

happynapper99 Thu 17-May-18 18:35:31

If you can see the posts, just comment on every one saying they are stolen, she won't be selling anything if you keep doing that

Godowneasy Thu 17-May-18 20:38:04

They'll come off worst in this as you can claim half the cost of it back from his share of the equity when it goes to Court. It will make them look very bad indeed to the judge.
As others have said, screenshot everything you can and make sure you have evidence of asking them both to not sell the stuff.
What a pair of utter twats

OliviaThomson Thu 17-May-18 22:21:44

i cant get in to the property at the moment, but hopefully will be able to at some point, a sale has been ordered now at last, police are so unhelpful , just keep saying its a civil matter and wont do anything they say to let court deal with it and court will say its a police matter, have taken screenshots of everything now so hopefully it will progress, they are not very nice people to do something like that, they have managed to keep my bed covers though and still sleep in them ..yuck!

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Dancingmonkey87 Thu 17-May-18 22:24:35

Could you take them to small claims court for the outstanding balance on the furniture they have unlawfully sold. Especially if you got receipts and screen shots.

Mammasmitten Sat 19-May-18 07:03:12

OliviaThomson how incredibly stressful. Awful that they seem to be getting away with it at the moment. Hopefully the court deals with them properly and you are adequately compensated. flowers

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